Get more Torque, faster Shifts, stronger Throttle-Blips, adjustable Launch Control and much more!

Enables unlimited flashing for a single vehicle. You can either flash custom maps or purchase OTS Maps from our store inside the App!

General Flash License for 6-Speed Models


Enables unlimited flashing for a single vehicle with 6-Speed Gearbox and has all OTS Maps for your car included! (Stage 1,2,3)

Super License for 6-Speed Models


Enables unlimited flashing for a single vehicle with 8-Speed Gearbox and has all OTS Maps for your car & all customization functions (like Launch Control) included! (Stage 1,2,3)

Super License for 8-Speed Models


Enhance the performance of your BMW dramatically!

Unlock the hidden potential of your Automatic Transmission with our updated Gearbox Maps! Available for over 200 BMW Models from 2003 to 2018, xHP Flashtool is the worlds leading solution for enhancing your Auto – Transmission!

Easy and simple to use at home, you can safely improve the overall performance of your BMW, get access to hidden features and enjoy faster shifts just within minutes!

Choose from Pre-Defined Maps

Flash Custom Files

Read Adaptions & Fault Codes

Restore to stock anytime

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OTS Map Features

Our Stages are developed individually per vehicle at our site. Features and setup may vary depending on your vehicle. Please search for your vehicle in our finder, to see a detailed description for your very vehicle! All Stages are developed within the transmissions limits and millions of miles already driven on our setups are the best proof for reliability of our setups and the durability of the best-in-class ZF Auto – Transmissions used by BMW!

Stage 1

Stage 1 files are made to enhance mileage and comfort. Shiftpoints are adapted to make optimal use of your engines torque and keep revs low and steady all the time. Gearbox Torque Limiters are removed to open the way for proper operation when paired with tuned engines.

Stage 2

Stage 2 files focus on the sporty aspects, without compromising comfort. Shiftpoints and Clutch-Pressures are adapted to speed up shifting and reduce reaction times.

Stage 3

Stage 3 Maps are made for everyone having fun driving fast and going to race-tracks. While the standard D-Mode mostly retains factory smoothness the Sport and Manual modes are optimized for the fastest shifts possible. Eventually features like Launch Control and “True Manual Mode” are added.

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Easy & safe to use

Our intuitive interface and detailed manual will guide you safely through the whole process.

Our intuitive interface guides you step by step

Manage up to 3 vehicles on one device

Check your transmissions faults & adaptions for free

Choose from 3 different pre-defined tunes for each vehicle

Further tweak any tune directly within the App!

Configure Shiftpoints, max. RPM, Comfort-Features and much more

The best solution for your Transmission, easy & safe on your Smartphone or Tablet!

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